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      About us

      Zhoushan Jinwei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., located in shantan Industrial Zone, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, is a domestic company specializing in the production of precision screw, barrel and accessories. After Jinwei people's long-term unremitting hard work, the company has accumulated a strong technical force and advanced process equipment, with a full set of production lines and relatively perfect testing facilities, to ensure the quality of products, technical indicators reached 100%, to meet the requirements of customers. The product is made of high-quality alloy steel (38CrMoAlA) by quenching and tempering, surface nitriding and polishing, so that the product has the characteristics of precision and wear resistance.
      Facing the market challenge, the company paid close attention to the enterprise management, laid a solid foundation, formulated and supplemented the relevant enterprise standards and management methods, and strengthened the tracking and management control of the production process in the implementation process, so that the quality "zero defect" consciousness took root in the hearts of all employees.
      In the new century, a new starting point, we take the scientific management as the foundation, take the market as the guidance, actively develop new products, carry forward the enterprise spirit, strengthen the enterprise management, expand and develop higher quality products, to win the trust of customers and provide perfect services. Jinwei will go to success with you and create brilliance with you!!
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